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Blackberry & Sage Market Tara Heckler


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CRAFT ARTISAN: Professional Level
Blackberry & Sage Market
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Tara Heckler
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Blackberry & Sage Market
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Creating a sustainable, eco friendly, Conscious Lifestyle takes a lifelong commitment, one that I have been dedicating our lifestyle to for the past 17 years. Im always learning, creating, experimenting & exploring, with above all loving and living what I do. My love for gardening was embraced when I moved to Punxsutawney Pa in 2000 from Long Island NY and started a family. I ran into a lovely Herb Farm (Quiet Creek), took some classes and began to create. My goal was to live a healthier lifestyle, reduce my impact on our beautiful environment , and create a natural home for my family. After offering my products to family and friends a business opportunity came to me. I have been offering my products for over 15 years. My products have been featured in two local stores here in Punxsutawney Pa and are currently available at "The Hatchery" 80 Clark Street Punxsutawney Pa. as well as the food coop in Indiana Pa. I am the 4th generation to pass down the art of crochet to my daughter which was taught to me by mine.I incorporate recycling in my crochet creations by reusing T-shirts. All of my products are not only a form of art and creative outlet but also serve a purpose of a specific lifestyle. I use local beeswax and other ingredients as well as herbs from my garden in my bath and spa line of products. My cloth creations focus on reducing our impact on our environment. I Expand every year utilizing local resources. I plan on making my own distilled water and rose water from our spring this year (2017). My salt scrubs and sugar scrubs will offer locally grown loofah to assist in exfoliation. My focus is on reusable, compostable, organic, and eco friendly products for one's self as well as for the home.
Hours of operation (open to the public)
I create handcrafted items including:
  • beeswax products
  • balms/salves
  • baskets
  • fiber arts
  • handcrafted household items
  • herbal products/tinctures
  • sachets (natural scents only)
Do you offer custom work / commissioned work?
If you can make custom work, what is your typical lead time?
3-4 weeks depending upon the product and amount
Site Town/City
Site State
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How would you describe the technique(s) that you use?
Traditional with a trendy look. My crocheting abilities were taught to me by my mother which was passed on to her from hers. 50% of my crocheted baskets are from recycled tshirts I turned into yarn. I took many classes from a local herb farm (Quiet Creek) which I use their method to make my herbal salves, balms and bath products. About 40% of my herbs are from herbal plants that I bought from Quiet Creek and now have growing in my herb garden. My beeswax which accounts for roughly 40% of my salves and balms comes from a bee keeper here in Punxsutawney. My essential oils primarily come from Mountain Rose Herb Company & Quiet Creek. My Eco friendly line was started to lessen my impact on our beautiful environment. Most (75%-100%) of the fabric I use is certified organic. The beeswax wraps are 50% local beeswax sourced from a local bee keeper and 100% organic material.
Pa Wilds "Creative Makers Exhibit"
  • Cook Forest and the Ancients
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