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CREATIVZ, a new conversation for artists

February 11, 2016 3:34 PM | Sara Frank (Administrator)

Starving artists. It's a phrase we're all familiar with but have probably never dedicated much thought to. Unfortunately, the starving artist is very real and very prevalent in our current economy. Why do artists struggle so much and what do they need to strengthen and sustain their careers?

The National Endowment for the Arts is attempting to answer that question with their new CREATIVZ initiative. 

From the NEA:

Please check out the newest component of the NEA’s Creativity Connects initiative: CREATIVZ.US

CREATIVZ.US is designed to inspire a conversation about what artists in the United States need to sustain and strengthen their careers. As part of the NEA’s 50th anniversary initiative -- Creativity Connects -- the research project shines a spotlight on how the arts contribute to the nation’s creative ecosystem. CREATIVZ.US is being managed by our cooperator, the Center for Cultural Innovation. Over the next few months CREATIVZ will publish a series of essays by a variety of artists and arts thinkers. You'll see a few there now. What we've launched is not a summary of research findings, but rather an integral part of the research process itself. Our goal is to hear from as many artists and artist support providers as possible. A report will be published and available in June.

We'd like to include your voice and enlist your help.

· You can share and join the conversation with your artist friends and supporters.

· You can add comments to any of the essays on the website or use your favorite social app to say something. If you use social media, please use the hashtag #creativz so we see it.

· You can also share or follow CREATIVZ on Facebook and Twitter.

We really want to hear from you and hope you'll be inspired to add your voice.

Add your voice to the conversation at CREATIVZ.US.

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